Secure payment

The completeness of the payment must be realized during the order. At no time the paid sums cannot be considered as deposit or advances.

The payment of purchases is made via one of the average following ones, in the suitability of the Customer:
By bank card
By bank transfer. This method of payment will ask for a longer processing.

For any transactionby bank card, the Customer will indicate the number representing on the front of his card, the expiry date of his card and the cryptogram appearing on the back of his card ( last three figures). The communication by the Customer of its banking numbers ire applies to authorization to sell its account to the relevant amount of the amount of its order.

In any case, L.SAINTENOY reserves the right to refuse any order or any delivery in case of dispute existing with the customer, of total or partial nonpayment of a previous order by the customer, a refusal of authorization of credit card payment of the banking bodies, the nonpayment or the partial payment. The responsibility of L.SAINTENOY can be then on no account committed as such.

L.SAINTENOY preserves the property of the article up to the complete payment of the price by the Customer. Purchases are realized in a secure way. The solutions of payment adopted by L.SAINTENOY are 100 % secured. For credit card payments, all the information which the Customers communicate during the paiment is strictly protected and guarantee the conformity and the reassurance of every deal.


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